Thursday, September 17, 2009

Walking, 30th birthday & a 1st birthday

Well On September 13th, Ms. Payton Leah took her first steps!! Nick & I where so excited! Four steps in all, and a plop on her butt, he & I cheered. So excited that we didn't miss it! You worry about that when you are a full time working parent. She's getting quite big, 30 inches tall, and almost 24 lbs. Her 1st birthday is coming up this October! Crazy how fast time has flown by! She has two teeth finally, got those around 9 months. She also likes the quads, we've noticed she likes anything with a rumble to it, daddy's car, the quads. I think she's going to be our lil racer! ;o)

Recently Nick & I headed over to the coast for my 30th birthday with some friends, had a great time, didn't get to do all that I wanted to do, but it was still fun, and a great connection time for my husband & I. My brother Chuck & sister in law Sonja came up from Utah to watch Payton for us while we where on vacation. Between my mom, brother & sister in law she was well taken care of, and spoiled rotten!! ;o)
On our trip Nick & I cara-vanned with Marie & Jenn, stoped off in Multinohma Falls, ate lunch in the cafe there and hiked to the falls bridge. Took us 9 1/2 hours to get to the camp site, not to bad! We watched the BSU game in a local pizza bar. We had about 12 people there rooting for BSU, it was fun! We even got cussed at by some old cogger walking out of a liqur store, shaking his cane at us, (we had the BSU flags proudly attached to the truck ;o) and cursing at us, and telling us to go home. Nick was worrie his truck was going to get keyed! Ha...ha...

The next day we headed to winchester bay to go riding, that night it rained heavy, puddles everywhere, so we decided to do the sight seeing thing, we headed up to newport, and wouldn't you know ended up being georgous weather! That night was the taco/nacho night, everyone gathered at our yurt sight and we have chicken, beef & fish for taco's or nacho's! It was fun & nice to have everyone but a select few who where there all at once!
On Sunday we headed towards Florence to do some riding, we rode hard that day!!
Only stoping to eat lunch and a few mini breaks here & there. Nick & I where both a little muscle sore on the drive home Monday, but it was well worth it! We had a great time, and want to thank all those who came! Meant allot to me that you all made it on the trip!

Here are some recent pics of our Bug and our trip. Hope every one is doing well!

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